I’m Back

Now to get this blog up to date. Forgotten how to post. But I will persevere.


Well, I have figured out how to add a photo. This is my cat, Fred whom likes to keep me company while I’m using the iMac. Very sooky today as we got another cat, Sally during the week and is not so sure who the top cat is.



A Daytime Grammy for Star Wars:Clone Wars

Fabulous to see Carrie Fisher and George Lucas together. Great Intro.

Update on day surgery to my shoulder to

Update on day surgery to my shoulder to get rid of cancerous spot, all went well. I had two weeks off work as the cut was across my shoulder joint and as my work is quite physical, the shoulder needed time to heal. 14 stitches wasn’t expecting so many.

Sunspot cancer

Its been awhile, must use this blog more often. Got news today of a biopsy on  a sunspot on my shoulder is cancerous but not life threatening, the Doc wants to do a small operation to see if there is anything else lurking under it. I have booked into surgery in weeks time.

Watching the Olympics.

Enjoying my holiday break.



Darcy has been missing for 3 weeks now, he is microchip for identification, so hopefully he is with someone who in time will take him to a vet and scanned and I will know his fate. I am hopeful he will one day return home.

Uploaded by thatpeterbrewer. Thanks for sharing.

Time lapse video of Earth by NASA Satellites/Spacestation
Absolutely Beautiful.

I love this series – my favourite – Ladybug
Latest episode

Had a big day planned today, went to bed early but sometime after 1am this morning I heard a screeching of tyres on the main road that I live on,
 you could hear the driver fighting to control the car, silence then Bang. Looked out and the car had crashed into the power pole outside
four youths got out of the car… then they ran off. No Power. Grabbed the mobile and called police who sent fire truck and informed the electric co.
 Police arrived sometime later. Met some neighbours. lol.


Uh Oh

Firemen checking for fuel leaks.

Emergency crew restoring power.